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38126950_10156332644845856_4643456316717662208_oThree days ago, I had super long hair which I’d been fed up with for ages. So on Saturday, I finally braved the cut and had it chopped off…all 30 inches of it! 😮

Sometimes I think I can still feel phantom strands floating about, but truth be told, I am so glad to be rid of it. This is now going to save me a fortune on hair conditioner, and I never have to worry about sitting on it anymore (ouch!). :/ It’s literally a weight off my shoulders! Plus, my hair’s also gone to a good cause – Little Princess Trust.

I’m usually pretty adventurous when it comes to hairstyles, but what I’ve got now isn’t new to me – a layered bob like from years ago, and years ago before that. All that’s different this time is the colour. As I wanted the hues to have a natural gradient, I was advised against going for an even shorter crop. Furthermore, the colouring will be less prominent as my hair grows out.

As you can imagine, dyeing dark hair like mine is not an easy task. I’ve had highlights before, and even went auburn at one point. However, a lot has changed in the world of trichology since then, and many advances have been made. Not only has the spectrum broadened for brunettes, but ombré (and balayage) has been a thing for some time!

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The lilac has more or less faded since then…I didn’t expect it to last as pastels are challenging colours to achieve on brunettes, but the silver is more or less still holding on, with some help from PRO:VOKE Touch of Silver. My hairdresser has also supplied me with a sample of more intensive toner from System Professional, the type that requires a longer treatment time…and gloves, so I shall be expecting further dramatic results!

2018-07-28 17.27.20fdgfdh
New hair always looks so sleek right after you leave the salon, but days later, it’s another story. In my case, it’s a tale that’s actually made my hair curl! 😀 I’ve always had straight hair…a few kinks here and there, but nothing that really stands out. I noticed it was a little wavy (as can be seen in the video) after my hair cut, but thought it was the result of my hairdresser’s magic touch. And then, one wash later, I could see it was distinctly tousled…It even curled at the ends!

I’ve heard hair follicles can change due to age, but this is one side effect I’m not going to complain about! My normally fine hair has got so much more bounce to it than before, and it’s kind of given me a gamine look too.

When I get a chance, I will update with a photo of my flicky-uppy tresses. In the meantime, it would be great to hear from others who have had some experience with smoky or silver hair. Any tips (apart from what I’m already doing) on how to keep the brass away?

As I’ve said, the lilac is practically gone, and I don’t mind it as it’s mainly the cool silver tones I want to maintain. Besides, plenty of colours left on the rainbow, and with my hair pre-bleached, I now have soooooo many options. In a world that’s looking increasingly grim, why be anything else when you can be a unicorn? ❤

1I’ve said in the past that of all the colours I like, pink is nowhere near the top of that list. However, there is something about that shade which evokes the hallmarks of my favourite season – bright flowers in bloom, sunsets at the end of a long sunny day, rosy fruit bursting with juice, and lots of ice-cream to cool off in the balmy heat. Well, I blended the latter two with some milk as temperatures began to soar in the last couple of weeks, and greeted summer with this classic concoction in my hand – a glass of homemade strawberry milkshake…Mmmmm!

2018-06-26 21.50.28
Apart from the solstice (Happy Litha!), this June brought us something else to celebrate, a birthday milestone. Not mine, but a friend who turned 50. A group of us at work got her a giftcard and a bottle of rosé with matching begonias, but I wanted to make her something special.

We recently had a conversation about natural products, and how coconut oil is great for haircare. She expressed an interest in trying out Himalayan pink salts, and that gave me a lightbulb moment… 💡

2018-06-26 21.21.59Instead of trawling through the likes of Etsy or Not on the High Street like I normally do, why not put together a bespoke pamper kit?

2018-06-26 21.24.29 2018-06-26 21.26.50
I already had a big bag of the pink salt at home and only needed to fill a small jar with some of it, but I managed to find the other bits and bobs at my nearest Holland & Barrett‘s (which was having a sale), and a local shop in Lytham. As you can see, all items were in the various hues of summer, including the gift bag I made.

To construct this, all you would need (apart from the bag itself) is a paper doily, some thin card, and gift tissue. Unless you’ve a deft hand, I’d advise cutting the eye-shapes etc. with a circle cutter. I designed a ‘badge’ for the body of the owl that says “turning 50 is a real hoot”, but if you haven’t got a printer, a simpler alternative would be to use washi paper, or another material that’s patterned, like gift wrap.

You might be wondering why the owl. I haven’t an answer for that, except…it’s cute. That’s one of the reasons I like these quirky looking birds. I guess it kind of looks like I’m saying with age comes wisdom, but mainly because…it’s cute. 😀