413863_10151388272250856_1462726217_oNothing to see here. Just me, walking/flying my reindeer…6 years ago. 😅🦌 So much has changed since then. 2018 has not been kind to our family (which is actually putting it mildly!), but rising to meet life’s challenges is something everyone has to do. After suffering a great loss (amongst other things, hence the prolonged sabbatical from my blog/store), it’s unsurprisingly taken me longer than usual to get into the Christmas spirit, but fortunately, we’re nearly at the finish line! 😅

I did as well as I could under the circumstances and still put in the extra effort to add that personal touch to gifts, but I’m gonna put my hands up and concede…it’s not my best work. 😕

47416679_794131540934797_8667632727014980747_n 2018-12-20 21.35.42
Anyway, here’re all presents ready to go…

…with homemade toppers and decorations using the leftover pinecones we picked last spring, together with some chalkboard tags I covered in a previous tutorial

47691384_372755716834290_4057724281691023965_n 2018-12-24 18.22.47
…and hastily put-together goody bags (thank goodness for washi tape). 😁

47581216_312614482795086_3251761205181169162_n 2018-12-20 21.22.14
Whew! I’m honestly a little relieved it’s all over. Christmas prep can be a bit stressful sometimes, but being able to share these moments with people I care about more than makes up for it (remember: presence, not presents! 😜 ). Hopefully, this festive season brings peace and joy to you and your loved ones, along with better days to come! 💝🎄

Now time for a break, and maybe a hot drink…Bring on the turkey!!! 🦃