Natural DIY Decorations for Easter

natural homemade easter table decoration spring floral centrepiece arrangement with egg candles and egg basket tutorial

Brighten up your dining table with rustic Easter decorations that are from nature’s own bounty! 

Apart from a more prodigious than usual consumption of chocolate, this is not a festival we normally celebrate. I sometimes roast a joint of rosemary minted lamb or 🍖 ham with pineapple, ginger and rum glaze (yum!) to mark the coming of Spring, but that’s the extent of my efforts. Such a shame since Easter is often associated with new beginnings… perhaps it’s time to start a new family tradition. 🤔

Most of us are itching to spend more time outdoors as the weather improves, so it’s just as well that this homemade Easter decoration doesn’t take long to put together and even better, you can gather some of the “materials” whilst enjoying the sunshine! ☀️ As for the other bits and bobs, they’re items most of us usually have at home, such as eggs, cartons, and candles (or tealights). Crack a few eggs to make yourself a nice omelette or in my case, scrambled eggs on toast with a generous sprinkle of Truffle Dust, and save the shells for later. 🍳

Special shout-out to the Truffle Guys for this delicious topping. 🤗⭐ A little goes a long way as the flavour is strong, so a tiny bottle will last for ages. I have discovered that it goes great not just with egg dishes like omelettes, but also with chips and creamy / cheesy fare such as carbonara, risottos, or even the humble cheese-on-toast.

Anyway, back to craft… If you already make your own candles, these eggy tealights will be a breeze. If not, just break apart any shop-bought candles you already have. 🕯️ Here, I am using a soy tealight. They are perfect as each contains the right amount of wax per egg (assuming it’s a medium-to-large chicken egg) and the wicks are already the correct size. 👍 Using the double-boiler method, put the wax in a clean empty jam jar (or one that had hot dogs in my case!) and place it in a pot of boiling water on the cooker. Keep the heat low as you melt the wax. Position the wicks in the egg shells and simply pour in the melted wax. It doesn’t take long for the wax to set; maybe an hour or so at room temperature.

No candles at all? No problem… After cleaning out each shell, you can make a little egg basket by hot gluing a bit of string or ribbon to the inside, then filling it with plants or a treat. 🥚🎁 I remember decorating egg shells with sequins years ago and gifting them to my school friends with a handmade bracelet inside (line it with a bit of cotton wool first if you’re going to do that!), but I think a row of these mini baskets would also make a pretty garland you could hang across your window.

Hopefully you have put aside an egg carton because you will need that to hold your finished egg decorations. Those of us who are in the habit of adorning our homes with vases of fresh flowers can snip off a few buds or leaves here and there to dress up the carton. Otherwise, it’s time to forage in the wilderness (or your own garden if you have one)! 💐 You’ll also need to collect some moss, soil/compost, or pebbles to create a base which will help keep the flowers in place.

And that’s all there is to it — a homemade floral centrepiece with a spring theme for an easy Easter Sunday. 🐣

happy easter greeting card social media post meme

Here’s wishing all of you a lovely Easter! And the same for those who are observing Ramadan or Passover. ❤️ Looks like we’ll be getting blue skies all weekend and some might say this is the work of providence, but whatever you believe, be sure to enjoy it! 🐰