Easy Halloween Ideas

The festival celebrating all things spooky is creeping up on us again! Somewhat uncharacteristically, I have yet to decide if I will bother with a costume this year…My daughter’s been showing less and less interest in Halloween revels on her transition from teen to adult, which does take the wind out of my cape somewhat. 🧙🏻‍♀️😞

However, I still won’t say no to all the yummy confectionery that began appearing in shops weeks ago. My dentist would not approve, but even she will not object to a bit of eye candy, like homemade decorations. 😅

All the following craft activities are very simple and don’t require much effort, making them suitable for getting little ones involved. They are mostly low-cost, and it’s even possible you already have all the materials at home, or can substitute with similar items – such as swopping yarn for string, lolly sticks for bamboo skewers / toothpicks (with ends blunted), or card for used packaging / old wrapping paper. You get the idea…

These projects are also specially for us last-minute people who have a tendency to live life on the edge! 😱

You will need the following tools:

• Scissors
• Circle / 
Hole Puncher
Circle Cutter (or a steady hand)
Paintbrushes (and associated paraphernalia)


witch mummy jar lantern


• Glass Jar
• Bandages
• White & Black Cardboard
• Cellotape / Double-Sided Tape
• Electric 
Tealight / Candle

Starting from the bottom, tape one end of the bandage to the jar, keep winding it all the way round, and then tuck in the other end when you get to the top.

Take care not to lay on too much bandage or your lantern may not shine very bright. After that, make the eyes using the cardboard and stick them on using double-sided tape.

Pumpkin-scented candles might seem tempting on this occasion, but battery-powered or electric tealights are a safer option if you have young kids around, or want to place the jar by a curtained window.


• Black Cardboard
• Scissors
• Glue

Use a circle cutter to cut a ring out of the black cardboard with a hole slightly larger than the jar mouth so the hat will fit firmly over the opening (as opposed to just balancing on top of it). As this ring will form the brim of your hat, the width of it will depend on the size of your jar.

Form a cone out of another piece of black cardboard. Even out the base by trimming it, then cut notches all the way round to create tiny flaps.

Insert cone through the hole of the ring, and glue flaps to the underside.


popsicle stick spider web


• Large Spatula Sticks
• White Paint
• White Yarn
• Scissors
• Hot Glue

Paint the sticks white and stick them together to form an asterisk. Decide which side is the back, and hot glue one end of the yarn to the middle of it.

Wind it round the centre, going from one gap between the spokes to the next. Then proceed further up the stick that was at the start of the circuit, and make a loop around it criss-crossing at the front. Extend yarn to the next stick, doing the same.

Complete one circuit until you have again reached the stick that you began with. Move the yarn to the back of it to make another loop for the next level of the web, and then repeat the previous sequence for another circuit, going in the opposite direction.

Once your web has been ‘spun’, secure that end of the yarn to the back of stick number one using more hot glue.


• Small Ice-Cream Sticks
• Black Paint
• White Cardboard / Paper
• White Yarn
• Black Marker Pen
• Scissors
• Hot Glue

Paint the sticks black, and hot glue them together in the middle, pivoting them so they look like spider’s legs.

Use a circle cutter (or puncher) to cut the spider’s head out of black cardboard. Glue it to the centre bit where the ‘legs’ join up.

For the eyes, use a hole puncher on white paper or cardboard, and mark out the ‘pupils’ with a black Sharpie or pen before sticking them to the ‘head’.

A strand of white yarn glued to the back of it, and your creepy crawlie is all set to take on the little (and maybe some not-so-little) trick-or-treaters coming your way! 🕷👍🏻


homemade halloween treat bags


• Small Kraft Paper Bag (or DIY it)
• White Card/Paper
• Red Card
• Scissors
• Glue
• Black Marker Pen

Many thanks to Origami.plus where I found the steps to fold my paper ghoul. I also made a mini bow-tie for him by sticking two little red cardboard triangles on either side of a red square.

Attach the ‘ghost’ to your bag with some glue, and embellish with a black Sharpie in any way you see fit.


• Small Kraft Paper Bag (or DIY it)
• Orange Card/Paper
• Green Card
• Scissors
• Glue
• Black Marker Pen

The process here is similar to the Christmas tree gift tags I made two years ago. I cut out a few fat ovals from orange cardboard, folded each down the middle, and glued the halves together back-to-back. 

With a small piece of green cardboard as its stem, I affixed it to the paper bag which I later decorated with a black Sharpie.

Nearly there…all that’s left is to fill the bags with treats of your choice! If you’re trying to keep your budget low, I got the above packets of appropriately themed sweets and chocolates from a local discount store. Bargain!


matcha latte cauldron mug


• Cauldron Mug
• Matcha
• Milk (or dairy alternative)
• Sugar / Honey
• Sieve
Electric Frother

You can actually cheat and get yourself some Instant Matcha Latte, but I already had my own tea set so I decided to make matcha the traditional way. Lots of videos on youtube to show you how if you need help with that. It’s not really necessary to use a chasen (bamboo whisk) if you haven’t got one, as a regular whisk works well too, but don’t worry too much if the tea doesn’t foam up at all.

Heat the milk up, and add a little sugar or honey if you like your lattes sweet. Whip up a nice froth, then transfer the milk into a mug.

Pour in the matcha you’ve made to the ratio of one part matcha to three / four parts milk, depending how strong you want the drink to be. Sprinkle a bit of matcha powder on top to complete the look of your magic brew.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to put your feet up and enjoy your matcha potion before the hair-raising carousal begins, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be fretting about which supernatural entity to impersonate! 👻😝


Update 02/11/19 – Well, I didn’t dress up on Halloween…not unless you count the fascinators I wore! 😄 I made three which I swopped throughout the day.

homemade halloween fascinators.png

I simply re-used the modified headband from when I made my Spirited Away No Face costume, and added more DIY hair accessories to my collection, including a jokey one. I thought it was rather fitting for my environment at the time, seeing I was actually at work! 🤓