Reusable Crackers and Other Christmas Gift Ideas – DIY with a bang!

UPDATE: Before you read on, I just want to let everyone know the good news…

These reusable crackers (that snap) are NOW ON SALE!

Kits are available as instant downloads, with an option to include personalisation. For those without printers, physical DIY kits can also be found in my shop, with snaps and ribbons included!

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Every winter I tell myself that this will be the year I have everything perfectly organised so nothing will be done last minute…and every year, I fail! Once again, I find myself on Christmas Eve surrounded by all manner of debris from my festive craft endeavours after a very frantic gift-wrapping session.

My desk is covered in glue, dried clay, and paint; there are bits of ribbon, sequins and fabric all over the floor; three different types of scissors buried under swathes of paper (don’t even ask where the washi tape is); and oh my goodness…glitter, glitter everywhere! It’s like somebody’s set off a giant party popper in my workspace! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Speaking of which, I am so proud of the reusable Christmas crackers I’ve made that I think Santa should bring me extra presents. 🎅😅

And unlike most other reusable and refillable crackers, mine really do snap! See them in action 👇🏻 and don’t forget to have sound on!

reusable christmas cracker

These crackers have been designed so you can pull them apart again and again…All you have to do is add new snaps! Plus, no glue or tape is necessary to attach them, and they are easy to insert. Snaps are optional, of course, but can be easily found in most craft stores (and frequently come in a set with paper crowns), or purchased online at Amazon/eBay.

Each cracker is personalised with a motif printed on one side of kraft card, and a template on the other. Once cut out and assembled, an origami heart is glued onto each bottom piece to prevent the top half from slipping down too far. However, a snap will also keep it in place.

ORIGAMI TIP: You can glue the tiny “flaps” down, though I did snip them off. Yes, I know it’s not strictly origami if you do that (more like kirigami?) but it does give the heart a nicer finish!

Best thing about homemade crackers is that you can fill it with your choice of treats, and not have to feel guilty about throwing away those plastic knick-knacks that are always in shop-bought ones.

Be careful not to overfill your crackers, and don’t forget to include the most important element – the cheesy jokes. It’s not Christmas without them! 🎄🤣

ASSEMBLY TIP: If you find it a bit fiddly to put the two parts of your cracker together, here are a few pointers…Start with the bit where the heart is. First, slot the corresponding (so that incisions for snap line up) segment of the cracker’s top half under the heart (where you should have left a gap when gluing it on!), and then gently squeeze the rest of the bottom half into the top. Don’t worry about damaging/squashing it as the cracker will pop back right into shape once it’s assembled. 😉

christmas treat bags.jpg

To save myself some time, the same custom motif was used when making gift packets (with origami stockings) for friends and colleagues. All I had to do was change the name on the design before printing each envelope.

Maybe I should be less ambitious…there’s usually enough to do every yuletide without creating more work for myself. Then again, that’s what I said to myself last December, and yet, here we are…admiring the angel gift toppers I handmade earlier. 🎁🙄

Papercraft, like origami/kirigami, often feature heavily in my projects, but I dabble with clay from time to time, moulding decorations such as these mini snowmen (with monogrammed scarves instead of gift tags) that can also double as tree ornaments.

homemade snowman ornaments

The glitter on them doesn’t show up very well in pictures, but I promise you, they are ubiquitous! I don’t think I’ll be rid of them till Easter at least! 😬

After a couple of sewing workshops, I even made my daughter a Santa sack with large letter applique. 😲 It was only my second time on a machine, and I’m already looking forward to more lessons in the new year. #LifeGoals 🏆👍🏻

It’s late, and there’s still much to do before I can put my feet up and relax with a nice cup of pepperkake tea. Mmmmm…spiced gingerbread. 😋

Oh well, at least I’m not in charge of the turkey tomorrow. 🦃🍽 Have a blessed Christmas everyone, and I hope 2020 brings much joy and peace. ❤️🕊