Halloween COVID Poster & Door Sign

Needless to say, 2020 has been one long horror story. 😱 The pandemic has put a bit of a damper on trick-or-treating this year, especially in the UK where many counties have just gone back into lockdown. However, all is not lost…

You can keep your family safe from the spectre of COVID19 without missing out on Halloween fun! 👻🦠 Simply download and print this poster, blu-tack/hang it on your front door or place it anywhere on your undoubtedly well-decorated porch. 👌 This is perfect for social distancing encounters of the spooky kind. Now all that remains is for you to get the treats ready! 🍬🍫


Even when we have beaten COVID-19, some of us might still not be in a position to throw our doors open to Halloween revellers.

A year ago, friends with a particularly anxious dog asked me to make them a sign for their front door. 🚪🐶 They didn’t want the barking to go on all night, but were also reluctant to disappoint the kids in their neighbourhood. And then it occurred to me that some parents might also not appreciate having their baby or toddler woken up by the constant door-knocking or doorbell-ringing, so it seemed a good idea to create a similar poster for them. 👶

These will soon be appearing in my shop (with singular and plural versions) so that the mums and dads of both little ones or good doggos can rest easy and still be a part of the fang-tastic festivities. 🧛🎃