Put Your Stamp on It

Look what’s arrived! 🥳

January has been a very slow month (isn’t it always?!) for me, largely due to supply issues (Brexit? Covid? Who knows?! 🤷🏻‍♀️), but there was a bit of excitement last week as I received these gorgeous custom stamps from Get Stamped and it’s really cheered me up! 😄

Super chuffed with them as they work on both paper and cloth. Plus, the order process was fast and straightforward from start to finish. #HighlyRecommended 👍

It’s important to create a strong identity when you’re a home business just starting out, but for those who haven’t got a printer to make their own labels or haven’t a large budget, a personalised stamp is an economical way to make your mark. Plus, it looks great if you’re going for the rustic vintage vibe!

I tested the stamps on some leftover kraft card and an old shopping tote bag, but suspect I need a bit more practice to get it right 😅 and possibly use material that’s smoother or with a finer weave. All in all, the stamps look fantastic, and don’t smudge on fabric (after heatsetting) …really looking forward to using them once I can start sending products out again! ❤️