Ideas for Lockdown Life

Day two of working from home last week: got dressed bright and early, had a fakeaway “Sausage & Egg McMuffin”, but no way was I giving up my fluffy bedroom boots. 🐺🥾

Wherever you are in the world now, there are probably guidelines advising you to stay home as much as possible. Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach the importance of self-isolation or social distancing, as everyone should already know that by now. 😷 Being cooped up indoors is likely hell for some of you, but I’m actually beginning to love this lockdown business. 😍

It’s definitely an introvert’s dream and some of us are even more productive left to our own devices…except for those stuck with screaming children every waking hour. 😬 Sure, it does make a difference when the choice to go out is suddenly taken from you, and I’ll miss those long walks at the beach and countryside (more antsy now we’ve just come out of winter), but there’s plenty to do indoors beyond the obvious reading, gaming, or binge-watching Netflix and Amazon Prime.

That said, the launch of Disney+ was very timely, and of course we now have free premium Pornhub, but couples maybe go easy on that last one because I’ve heard there is a global shortage of condoms! 😅

Other (mostly) FREE family-friendly services to try out include: 🗺️ Google Maps Treks, Explore Zen Den, and Webcamtaxi, all of which let you visit attractions (live scenes with the latter two) round the world without leaving your home; 🩰 performances and dance workshops on Sadler Well’s Digital Stage; 🎭 snippets of Shakespeare via the GlobePlayer; 🎼 musicals, plays, opera, and ballet at various venues; 🎨 virtual tours of UK museums and art galleries; 🙏🏻 a 21-day meditation programme with Oprah and Deepak; and even 🎢 Disney rides!

If you’ve read my #CountYourBlessings post, you’ll be able to guess what I’m going to suggest next…

Yeap, silver lining and all that. Basically, you now have time on your hands to update existing skills or learn something new, whether it’s a language, recipe, or craft.

Needs no introduction as it’s a popular portal for all sorts of entertainment, but it’s also full of channels that are great for education regardless of your age. Since Joe Wicks (self-dubbed the nation’s PE teacher) began his live lessons, it seems like the whole of the UK has spent their mornings in a fitness frenzy, and that’s just the parents! 😆 Don’t fancy Spiderman lunges? Perhaps give Dance Tutorials a whirl, or you could just Zumba your way to a healthier you.

Personally, I prefer a mental workout, so I’ve subscribed to The Science Asylum and IFLScience. For more upbeat visuals, there’s also Sick Science, minutephysics, and DoodleScience. 🔬🧪 If I’m honest, I spend more time watching Lab Muffin than most…quarantine is no excuse for substituting your beauty collection with expensive snake oil, right? Plus, you need to look your best for those Houseparty video calls! 🥳

History fans and culture aficionados will enjoy what the English Heritage has to offer. Their fashion and beauty demonstrations are pretty intriguing, and I can’t tell you the number of times I have been distracted by Mrs Crocombe’s cooking sessions in an authentic Victorian kitchen.

I’m also going to give special mention to Tiny Kitchen and Miniature Space, not because they have taught me anything in particular, but because I find them so fascinating! 🙈 As time-wasters go, they are totally right up there with the best.

When it comes to proper crafting and cooking/baking though, there is endless variety on YouTube. Good Housekeeping, The Crafts Channel, Tasty, Bigger Bolder Baking, Party Kitchen, and Nonya Cooking 🍳 are just a few I have found quite useful in the past. As the  beginner sewing workshops I normally attend have been temporarily suspended, I’ve decided to make up for that by “homeschooling” with Made to Sew, Sheep & Stitch, keiko_olsson, and The Daily Sew. 🧵

Oh, and origami…even before Covid-19, sooo many hours (and sheets of paper) were spent puzzling out the steps with Paper Kawaii and EzOrigami as my guides.

This site isn’t just for craft enthusiasts as it has tips and tutorials covering other projects large and small, including DIY decor, gardening, drawing, electronic devices, and more. Why not join in by uploading your own ideas? Howcast has content in a similar vein, but is more video-centric. However, if community interaction is what you crave, there are opportunities to make new friends of like-mind at GetCrafty, iCraft, or CraftWorld.

I’m only singling this out because it seems to have courses covering a wide range of subjects, though it is by no means the best of the bunch. There are others that are more specialised, like Codeacademy and Motion Design School. 🎓 Most universities also provide online sources that can be found on their respective websites. Alternatively. head straight to Coursera or FutureLearn, both of which offer a broad selection. Signing up to these can sometimes involve a cost, but you’ll come across lots of bargains and freebies too.

If you have never heard of this, then you must speak an alien tongue, because seriously…what planet are you living on? I literally cannot make up my mind what language to learn because there are loads. 🤔 I’ve hopped from Spanish to Russian, tried to brush up on my Chinese and Malay, and now am considering moving on to either Klingon or High Valyrian since I am certain they will be useful in the coming apocalypse. My only criticism is that Duolingo does not have any lessons for Vulcan. 🖖🏻

lockdown ideas

The challenge for many of us might not be a difficulty in coping with boredom, but anxiety. Due to the doom and gloom all over social media, you’ll be forgiven for mistaking the end times as our new reality. First of all, stop panicking! 😰 And also, don’t stockpile. Mass hysteria will only make things worse and prolong our confinement. Keep calm and remain positive…you are not alone. 🥰

Numerous local groups have been set up to support those in need, and they are only a phone call or email away. Kudos if you are one of the volunteers helping out! A huge round of applause for you and also other key workers! 👏🏻 💐 What would we do without you guys?

I’m of the camp that believes laughter is the best medicine. A cliché, I know, but it does make things better. A bit of frivolity can always be counted on to head off the blubbering alternative of a full meltdown. 👌🏻 Lately, I’ve been posting more than my usual share of funny memes on facebook, but still try to include as much constructive information as possible because I believe it’s important to maintain a balance. For a healthy dose of good cheer, I can recommend the 🌈 Good News Network, Happiful, Upworthy, and Positive News Algorithm.

Self-Isolation in Lockdown

My ASMR playlist has also been streaming on a loop almost non-stop. (If you have no idea what I’m on about, take a look here.) Li Ziqi’s gorgeous pastoral videos are very compelling too, and have such a soothing effect. 🕊️ Anything that can raise everybody’s spirits now is very welcome, so feel free to add to this list in comments…or send a message if isolation is getting you down and you just need someone to talk to. Chin up! Hopefully, we will soon flatten the curve and come out the other side tougher than before. 💪🏻 We will beat this virus! 🥊🦠

Take care, and remember… 🧼 Wash your hands!

#StayHome ❤️ #StaySafe ❤️ #StayPositive ❤️